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Safety Net - Program Management Suite
Managing your catalogue & web programs around the clock

Here’s what you get… built-in triggers that take the worry out of company stores

STOCK THRESHOLD TRIGGER – automatically advises if the stock hits a predetermined threshold, so that you have the opportunity to bump up your inventory before the stock depletes and the next shipment arrives
CLEARANCE TRIGGER – automatically advises of any products that will be moved to clearance (although we do our best to recommend only products for your programs that have planned longevity). This trigger allows you to buy larger quantities at the lower price to last for the duration of the program
SHOCKING DEALS TRIGGER – automatically advises if products in your program are being highlighted in our “shocking deals” section. You will immediately be advised of the new lower price, and given the opportunity to stock up
SPECIAL PROMO TRIGGER – automatically advises if a product in your program is going on special promotion (i.e. buy one/get one, free set up, free 2nd side imprint.)

Here’s how you get it….

• Send an email to Sergio Munoz, our National Program Development Manager, and include the following information:
o Your name, company name and phone number
o Program Name
o Program start and end date
o Logo PMS colours
• Sergio or a member of his team, will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your needs, the product categories you are looking to fill (golf, kids, under $5, desk accessories, bags etc.)
• You will receive a product recommendation list based on our 26 years of experience with successful program product selection
• Once you have selected the products, your program will be entered into our PMS program and the trigger functions will begin as soon as your first orders are placed

Questions? Contact Sergio Munoz at (800)283-3554 x290 or by email at sergio.munoz@debcosolutions.com
Note: Debco sells ONLY through promotional product distributors

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