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4.5" W x 4.5" H (pouch)

• Vinyl
• Choose your colour of trim closure
• Use to keep small items secure
• Great to keep your charging cable or other small items protected

PAD 1C - 2.25" W x 1.5" H (front)

	-Lime Green (Clearance Minimum 300 Units)
10357 in stock
	-Red (Clearance Minimum 300 Units)
6500 in stock
	-Yellow (Clearance Minimum 300 Units)
4301 in stock

Pad Printing (PAD 1C)
CANADA Set up charge $65.00 (G) each
USA Set up charge $60.00 (G) each
Repeat set up charge: $30.00 (G) each.

There is a maximum of 1 colour on this option. Pad Printing is extremely effective on rounded, uneven, or slanted product shapes. It is also perfect for small and intricate logos. A silicone pad is used to transfer the ink onto the product. The pad can hit various levels on a product at one time. Ink colour availability is restricted due to the limited ability to mix inks utilized in this process. Pad printing is utilized on products such as: plastics, pens, aluminum, tins, rubber, cardboard gift boxes, metal, vinyl, leather and paper pad banners.

Ink Change: All orders that require an ink colour change are subject to a charge of $35.00(E) per colour.

Lime Green (Clearance Minimum 300 Units)
Qty Available: 10357
Red (Clearance Minimum 300 Units)
Qty Available: 6500
Yellow (Clearance Minimum 300 Units)
Qty Available: 4301

This product qualifies for Standard Delivery Service.